LifeProof Carpet Review

A few things concern households with young children, such as pets, when it comes to carpets. We are referring to the stains that take a second to make – but will stay on your carpet for a lifetime. If this sounds familiar to your household, read on. We have put together this brief review on a LifeProof rug, and it could be the right solution for you if you are troubled by the thought of kids or domestic animals causing stains. Let’s look at everything you need to know about the LifeProof carpet.

LifeProof carpets – the basics

LifeProof carpets are a Home Depot product, and there has been enormous interest in this brand for some time now. When so many people are concerned with spending a fortune on carpets and trying to avoid staining, it’s easy to see how popular stain-free technology might be.

LifeProof carpets have re-engineered fibers, which make it incredibly tough for any substance—including coffee and red wine—to penetrate the carpet properly. In essence, the rug can repel liquids and dirt so that they stay on top, whereas a standard carpet will only have a topical application. Ultimately, you get protection from stains from food, drinks, pets, and anything else, including dirty and clumsy toddlers!

LifeProof carpets – available colors

LifeProof carpets come in an incredible range of different shades and colors. There is a sheer black option, then a vast array of grays, going through the spectrum until you reach white. Beiges, browns, tans, and greens will help you achieve a more natural-looking effect, while blues, yellows, and reds are available in various hues.

Whatever your personal choice, there are many options to match your tastes and current home decor. You will also find that these LifeProof carpet tiles come with natural-looking dots and patterns, which can help hide the visibility of dirt and stains before you clean it up.

Furthermore, you can choose many colors for your tiles to create exciting and unique colorways. For example, you could use a classic black-and-white checked pattern or other blues to develop soft, repeating patterns. Before making your selection, however, don’t forget to take home some swatches or samples. You often find that tiles look very different in their proper setting – your home or office, for example – than in the bright lights of the home decor stores.

The texture of LifeProof carpets

Again, there is a wide variety of textures and features to choose from when buying LifeProof carpet tiles. You should easily be able to find something suitable for your tastes.

Take the LifeProof Stylish Form tile, for example. It’s a grey, slightly flecked tile that offers comfort on the foot and plenty of styles. The Sequin Sash is much smoother to the touch than the Stylish Form but is available in the same gray or stone colors.

Patterns on LifeProof carpet tiles

If you prefer using patterns for your floor tiles, LifeProof has plenty of options for you, too. The LifeProof Lattice is available in various colorways, including grays, blues, and stones. Its pattern is simple but effective, making it an excellent option for a business owner looking to carpet an office floor.

Homeowners may prefer the LifeProof Sharnali, with its Middle Eastern-inspired patterns in soft colors like beige, cream, and light gray. The Mojito Madness range of tiles is another option, with its simple lined design that you can fit to run vertically, horizontally, or both.

LifeProof features

LifeProof has a broad range of features, which can be divided into four categories. The Fade and Wear-resistant range is adamant and long-lasting, offering durability and protection from bright sunlight.

There is also a hypoallergenic range, perfect for those suffering from breathing conditions such as asthma, as the treatment prevents dust, dust mites, and pet dander. Hypoallergenic carpets tend to have a low VOC rating, too.

But of course, the most famous feature of LifeProof carpets is the stain-resistant ability. Most LifeProof carpets include this, so you can expect the best stain-free carpet technology no matter which color or range you choose. Around a third of the range consists of solution-dyed fibers, which is the process of adding the dye at the point where the fibers are still in a liquid state.

Carpet backing with LifeProof Carpets

Investigating carpet backing when you buy LifeProof carpets is worthwhile because it will make your flooring much softer and more comfortable underfoot. Carpet backing also gives you a much better finish, as it will correctly hold your entire carpet together.

Are LifeProof carpets worth it?

Whether you are a landlord looking for the best possible stain protection or a homeowner needing a robust carpet to handle the mess caused by small children and pets, it’s worth investigating LifeProof carpets. While the brand is a relative newcomer, they have made great strides in the market, primarily from people worried about staining.

It’s worth pointing out that LifeProof carpets all come with a 25-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and protection for your investment. The only real issue with Lifeproof carpets is that although the options for colorways are excellent, there aren’t too many patterns to choose from. However, you can easily buy different colored tiles and create your patterns creatively!

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to buy a set of LifeProof carpet tiles, but none more so than the guarantee. LifeProof is confident that your new carpet will last many years, even under high strain and potential staining.