Home Fresh Carpet Review

A few years ago, Empire Today decided that it was about time that the world had access to high-performance carpets that dealt with all the niggles of carpets of old without adding substantially to the cost. The company wanted to create a hypoallergenic product that didn’t trap dust, pet dander, or moisture and could be cleaned easily and quickly with a regular vacuum.

It was a tough ask. People have been forced to clean their carpets with expensive for-hire carpet cleaners for years, and many have gotten used to the expense. Moreover, the problem of trapped dirt has been so historically intractable that most people have gotten used to adjusting their behavior to accommodate their carpets. They take off their shoes outside, refrain from carrying food into carpeted areas, and put limits on what can be done in carpeted rooms.

The Home Fresh carpet product seeks to solve all those issues and add a few perks. Empire Today is marketing the Home Fresh as the first hypoallergenic carpet on the market. The firm claims that it does not collect dust, bugs, and pet residues like a standard carpet and that you can remove any debris accumulating with a vacuum – no expensive steam cleaners or solutions are required.

Empire Today isn’t just making bold claims: the company spent considerable time in the lab developing the innovations that would make the breakthrough product possible. The first thing that they decided to do was give the carpet a well-ventilated base layer. The ventilation, the company claims, helps to assist the currents generated by vacuums as they glide across the floor. The padding helps to make it easier to collect particles from the carpet’s interior by allowing air to flow from beneath.

The next innovation is the use of recycled plastic in the construction of carpet fibers. Empire Today says that the use of plastic helps to prevent water from being absorbed into the carpet fibers, preventing the building up of mold and other organics that could produce allergies. The final and most important innovation is the infusion of the plastic fibers with minerals, which help to inhibit the buildup of odor-causing compounds on their surface. The company claims Home Fresh is the first carpet in the world to resist odors from cooking, smoking, and pets.

Before we jump into questions of efficacy, it’s worth pointing out that the Home Fresh Carpet already has advantages over many traditional equivalents. The fact that both the base and the carpet fibers are made from recycled plastic bottles will appeal to people who want to renovate their homes with minimal environmental impact. And that it is specifically designed with pets in mind finally allows pet owners to own a carpet that doesn’t require weekly maintenance.

The question for people isn’t whether they want to buy it (most people will) but if it works as advertised. Early evidence suggests homeowners have experienced significant benefits from installing Home Fresh Carpets. Unlike traditional carpets, Empire Today’s offering offers genuine odor eliminations. There’s no need to spray the Home Fresh with expensive and potentially dangerous odor-neutralizing sprays because the carpet contains its mechanisms. The plastic fibers resist odor infiltration like plastic packaging does in grocery stores. Home Fresh appears to withstand even the most volatile compounds, such as those in cooked meat and cigarette smoke.

What about allergy performance? It’s worth bearing in mind that the Home Fresh carpet cannot do anything to prevent allergies by itself. However, it does negate the need to hire or buy expensive steam cleaners because regular vacuuming can pull almost all of the allergenic particles out of the carpet in a single sweep. The fibers act like tiny rods, rather than traditional threads, and don’t provide an adhesive surface or layers in which particles can become ingrained. Pet owners, in particular, will enjoy this. The superior vacuuming performance helps remove things like cat hair particles, which can be released every time a person steps on the carpet, causing a reaction. It’s great for both people who live with animals and their guests.

You might think that a carpet with these technologies would be expensive, but thanks to the materials used in its construction, the price is surprisingly low. Recycled bottles aren’t precisely a precious commodity.

The look and feel slightly differ from a regular carpet’s, but it doesn’t resemble an AstroTurf pitch. You still feel like walking on a bonafide rug, even if it feels cold underfoot.

Empire Today supplies the Home Fresh carpet in ten colors, which they claim will match any interior decor. That might be pushing it a little in our view. Yes, there is a range of colors, but the exact color match may not be available for some people who are discerning about their interiors.

One can imagine Empire Today’s new product leading to a proliferation of carpeted bedrooms and kitchens. Although the idea seems strange from today’s perspective, we’re so used to treating our carpets in a certain way. Empire Today’s water and spill-repellent technology make carpeted kitchens and bathrooms a practical and real possibility. Whether they become a thing or not, it’s merely a matter of personal style and taste.

So, in conclusion, what do we think about the Home Fresh carpet? The technology behind the carpet is undoubtedly sound. Empire Today’s offering repels odors and debris as advertised. However, some practical considerations may be deal-breakers for some, such as the lack of color choice and the feel underfoot. On the plus side, though, this carpet will maintain your eco-credentials if that’s important to you. And you can finally deal with pet allergy issues without removing your carpets entirely.

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