Platinum Plus Carpet Review: Pros and Cons

Platinum plus carpet has received much attention lately, thanks to its innovative new technology, alongside the range of designs available. Here, we explore the carpet’s benefits, who it could suit, who it may not be so good for, your style options, and more.

If you’ve been thinking of trying out the Platinum Plus carpet, but you’re not sure whether to take the leap, read on for some more information:

All About Platinum Plus Carpet – Benefits and Pros

The Platinum Plus carpet claims to be a stain-fighting, long-wearing revelation for homeowners everywhere. Using revolutionary Scotchgard™ technology, it deters liquid, dirt, and soil from soaking in and staining, making it perfect for high-traffic family rooms.

However, any company can make bold claims like this and fail to deliver; does the Platinum Plus carpet live up to its name regarding stains? Surprisingly enough, it does. Liquids will bead right up and sit on the rug when spilled, which you can test with a test piece of carpet. Using nothing but a dry paper towel, liquids can be absorbed immediately with nothing left behind, even thicker liquids, like a milkshake. A little residue may be left behind regarding dark liquids and vegetable juices. However, this is easily rectified with a slightly damp cloth. There is no need to use cleaning products on the carpet, saving you time and hassle and ensuring that the carpet lasts a lot longer. Dirt, stains, and liquids are all repelled, as if by magic, by the carpet’s fibers and the Scotchguard technology.

This makes the carpet the perfect pet-proof one—great for mucky pups and even messy babies and toddlers. The stain-resistant rug will allow you to play with your pet or feed your child without worrying about accidental stains permanently ruining the look of your room.

For $1.95/square foot, the carpet is affordable for families looking for something to keep the home clean and fresh.

Depending on your tastes, there are numerous options available. There are 24 styles with many different patterns and textures, as well as hundreds of color combinations, so homeowners will be spoiled for choice. The soft nylon fiber feels fantastic underfoot. Many agree that the Platinum Plus carpet is a first in style, innovation, and value—everything you could want in a rug!

Platinum Plus Carpet – The Cons

That said, it’s essential to explore the cons in any review. No carpet is without its faults, and the Platinum Plus carpet is no exception. According to many customer reviews, the Platinum Plus carpets are not as hard-wearing as Home Depot would have us believe. Although the carpet claims to be a ‘lifetime carpet,’ many users have complained of a lot of wear on the carpet in just half a year. As one reviewer outlined, it may not hold on to stains, but you don’t want your carpet to look worn after 157 days. The customer service doesn’t seem to be all up to scratch either; a tiny sum was offered to one owner for compensation, and some were even recommended that they get floor runners in areas with high traffic. You have to ask yourself: what’s the point in paying for carpet and having it professionally fitted only to cover it up with floor runners? It seems like Home Depot missed a trick here!

Conclusion: Is The Platinum Plus Carpet Right For You?

The Platinum Plus carpet from Home Depot is one of the top options for resisting stains. However, high-traffic areas wear the rug down quicker than homeowners would like. It could be a good idea to avoid this carpet option in your living rooms and lounges and instead install them in areas with perhaps lighter foot traffic, such as babies’/toddlers’ rooms and playrooms.

Alternatively, as suggested, covering high-traffic areas with floor runners may be your only option if you want a stain-free carpet that will last.

Is the Platinum Plus carpet right for you? Hopefully, the information provided will help you make the right decision. Let us know your thoughts!