Best Carpet Brands: You Can Buy

Here we highlight the best carpet brands of 20223 you can buy.

Today, we want to highlight some of the industry’s best carpet brands you can buy.

When purchasing carpeting for their homes or office premises, most property owners want to ensure they get the best value for money possible. In other words, they want carpeting that is not only affordable but also lasts more than a few years before fading or coming apart. Below are some of the best brands of carpets that can be purchased these days.

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Shaw Floors

This brand is known for being one of the market leaders, not only because of the extensive range of carpeting products they provide; over the years, the brand has become synonymous with exceptional quality. Shaw Floors can provide carpeting in virtually any color, style, and texture you can imagine. This means that virtually every property owner out there can find something in Shaw’s range that will suit their needs, regardless of whether they are fitting an office complex or laying new carpeting in a home.

When browsing Shaw’s website, property owners will most certainly be spoiled for choice. In addition, this company has a unique and patented form of R2X carpet soil and stain protection on their products, meaning that they will remain to look new for as long as possible after they have been laid. Another great benefit property owners will be able to enjoy when purchasing this range is that some of their products are sold with a 20-year warranty – this is virtually unheard of when it comes to carpeting products these days.

Floor Covering News, Floor Focus, and Floor Covering Weekly, Shaw was ranked #1 for their level of innovation with regard to carpeting products. Their LifeGuard products are waterproof backing that can completely repel water, whereas many other brands tend to absorb water, thus reducing the lifespan of the carpeting substantially. This is also one of a few companies that offer a complete carpet recycling network to ensure that unwanted carpets don’t end up in landfills around the country.

Mohawk Industries

This is yet another brand of carpeting that is extremely well-known for its extensive range of options and durability. In addition, Mohawk Industries have been manufacturing their range of carpet products since as far back as 1878. Their level of longevity in the market can only be attributed to their willingness to follow industry trends as they have come and gone. This company is also known for having one of the most innovative design teams on hand, ensuring that they always remain up to date concerning color and pattern options.

Mohawk Industries is also aware that durability is one of the main factors when homeowners purchase carpeting products – especially if they have children or pets. As a result, the company has stepped up and introduced a SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet that has been manufactured and supplied with All Pet Protection and Warranty. This is the only available option on the market that covers all forms of pet-related and other accidents with a lifetime, built-in stain protection option.

Many of the products offered by Mohawk industries have also been manufactured with products derived from various recycled and renewable materials, making the company one of the most sustainable options in the carpeting industry.


This is one of the most popular brands in the country, and the company is known for manufacturing and selling some of the softest and most durable carpets in the flooring industry. DuPont’s carpeting products are also manufactured so that the fibers are crush-resistant. This means that your newly installed DuPont carpet will not go ‘flat’ in areas that are walked on more regularly than others. These carpets have been known to look as good as new for many years after being installed.

DuPont is known for manufacturing an extensive range of carpet types, styles, and colors, enabling almost everyone to find something in their range that will be suitable for a home or office environment. Their products are known to be stain-resistant and prevent liquid from penetrating the fibers, ensuring that stains are kept to an absolute minimum. Thanks to modern manufacturing technology, these carpets also dry exceptionally quickly after being washed or steam cleaned, ensuring they do not smell foul because they stay damp for too long.

Beaulieu of America

Although this carpeting manufacturer has not been on the market for as long as some of the others, there is no doubt that they are well-known for providing some of the best floor-covering products in the industry; however, since the company’s inception, it has become the largest carpet-only manufacturer in the world and the third largest manufacturer of flooring products overall.

This company not only manufactures regular wall-to-wall carpeting; they are known for manufacturing some of the best and most durable carpet square products. Materials used by this company to manufacture their carpets include polyester, nylon, polypropylene, or a combination of polypropylene and nylon to ensure a long-lasting finish.

When purchasing carpeting from this company, property owners will be pleased to know that they have more than 80 designs to select from, each having more than 10 colors to use. This means that it will be possible for virtually everyone to find a color and style option to suit their needs in this particular range. Some carpets in this company’s ranges have been manufactured with added features such as the Silver Release antimicrobial treatment and the increasingly popular Magic Fresh odor-reducing treatment option. This has become an extremely popular option for parents with young children and pet owners with animals in the house.


This carpeting company is known for producing many different types of carpeting products.

Their TruSoft carpet range is known for being incredibly soft, making it one of the most comfortable types of carpeting underfoot. It has been carefully manufactured from specially engineered and crafted fibers that provide its luxurious underfoot feel. However, don’t let this form of luxury fool you, the TruSoft carpet range has been treated to ensure that it is highly resistant to stains and spills, meaning that it will look good for many years after it has been installed.

Over the years, the Active Family range of carpeting products has been hailed for its excessively high durability. In addition, this range is available in a vast range of color and style options, meaning that every family can find something to complement the look of their homes. The Active Family carpeting range is also highly stain resistant. It has been specially designed to withstand higher-than-average levels of foot traffic without looking worn or faded before it should.

Many pet owners resist installing carpeting because they think it will be a lot more hassle than worth it. However, with Stainmaster’s Pet Protect range, this scenario quickly becomes a thing of the past. This carpet range has a built-in odor and stain resistance, making it an excellent choice for owners of dogs and cats. Another great benefit of the Pet Protect carpeting is that it has been specifically designed to reduce the force of attraction between the carpet and pet hairs, making vacuuming more accessible. No more having to go down on your hands and knees to try and brush pet hair off your carpets.

The Essential carpeting range from Stainmaster is an excellent option for property owners who require new carpets but may be on a tighter budget than average. These carpets are also highly stained and soil-resistant but are not suited to high-traffic areas. This makes them ideal for rooms that are not used regularly, such as guest bedrooms and fancy living rooms.

Anderson Tuftex

Tuftex Carpets of California is known to produce high-quality carpet and floor covering products and is one of the brands associated with Shaw Floors.

This company’s range of carpeting and floor covering products consists of a massive 166 different products – all in a wide range of color options as well. They can provide twist, loop, texture, and patterned varieties of carpeting, ensuring that everyone can purchase something from their range that will be suitable for their home or business premises.

Within each of the 166 carpet options, buyers can also choose from more than a dozen different color options. The color options that are currently available on the company’s website include beige, green, gold, gray, orange, violet, brown, blue, and red.

This range of carpeting is known for being highly durable, soil and stain resistant, yet it is still one of the more affordable ranges of carpets available, rendering them an ideal option for homeowners who may not be able to afford some of the more expensive brands and types of carpets.

Atlas Carpet Mills

Atlas Carpet Mills is known to provide an extensive range of high-quality carpeting products in a wide variety of colors and pattern options. If you have a higher than average budget for purchasing new carpets, this may be the right brand for you Atlas can produce customized designs and patterns as well, ensuring that your home is provided with the extra special touch that it deserves. Over the years, though, Atlas has also provided a more affordable range of carpeting, enabling many more people to enjoy having their products in their homes or office premises.

Some new releases in the Atlas Carpet Mills range include the Metáfora, Ville Des Lumieres, Momentum, Metropolitan, and Bellissimo collections. The Metáfora range consists of 4 running-line patterns that are available in 17 different colors. These can be ordered as carpet tiles, broadloom, or even area rugs. Customers can choose from an additional 9 pattern options as well.

The Ville Des Lumieres Collection is a range available that consists of 16 colors of carpeting available in 4 running-line patterns. They are also available as carpet tiles, area rugs or broadloom varieties and clients can choose from an additional 12 pattern options.

The Momentum Collection consists of 5 pattern options available in a staggering 24 colors. These can also be purchased as area rugs, broadloom, or carpet tile options.

Customers who opt for an item from the Metropolitan Collection can choose from 3 patterns available in 17 different colors. In addition, these can be purchased as area rugs or broadloom carpeting.

The Bellissimo Collection is made up of 3 different running-line patterns that are available in 9 different color options. Customers can also choose from one of the 12 additional pattern options available in this range.

Capel Carpets

Capel Carpets and Rugs are known to produce one of the world’s most extensive ranges of area rugs. The company states in its catalog that customers have access to more than 10,000 different options. Customers who may already have wall-to-wall carpets or who would simply like to lay a few area rugs on their hardwood, vinyl, tile, concrete, or laminate floors will do well to purchase items from this company’s range.

The company was founded in 1917, meaning it has been providing top-quality rugs to the public for 100 years – a true testament to high quality. In addition, 100 years down the line, the company is still family-operated, ensuring that customers receive the best possible level of client service. Capel also states that each item sold by them is fully backed with a promise of quality and complete customer satisfaction.

Capel also manufactures and sells a wide variety of carpet runners that can be used on staircases and along passageways. Matching area rugs are available to ensure that your home or business premises look as smart and aesthetically pleasing as possible. This company also manufactures an extensive range of top-quality Persian rugs and runners.

All of the products in Capel’s range are available in a wide range of color, texture, and pattern options, ensuring that property owners can obtain the right products to complement other fixtures and furnishings. Regardless of whether you prefer earthy colors, bold patterns, or solid bright colors, Capel is sure to have a few items that will appeal to you.

Materials used to manufacture the items in Capel’s range include nylon chenille, polypropylene, wool, and a secret blend, allowing the company to produce unique and beautiful designs and products. In addition, this company’s rugs have been manufactured in such a way that most of them are 100% reversible, meaning that if there are unsightly marks or soil on one side and you’re expecting company, all you need to do is flip it over and it will look as though you have laid brand new rugs just in time for your company to arrive.

All of the area rugs in this company’s range are backed by a full 1-year warranty, meaning that if anything goes wrong, your rug will either be repaired or replaced during this time (some limitations may apply).

Caring for your Newly Purchased Carpet Products

Many property owners are under the impression that once their new carpets have been laid, they can simply walk on them and forget about them for a few years. However, this is not the case. For carpets, broadlooms, and area rugs to last as long as possible, it is essential to ensure that a few basic maintenance and care tips be kept in mind.

In the event of having any form of liquid spilled on a carpet, it’s crucial to ensure that it is absorbed off of it as quickly as possible. When most food products can easily be cleaned off of carpeting with the correct products, items such as ink or oil-based products may require professional cleaning to ensure that no lasting damage is caused to the fibers.

When dust, dirt, and other forms of soil are ground into a carpet through daily use and heavy foot traffic, it can result in the fibers wearing out or even fading prematurely. As a result, property owners should ensure that their newly laid carpeting is vacuumed regularly. It is also important to check that the correct settings are used on the vacuum cleaner, as this will ensure that as much dirt is lifted from the fibers as possible without causing damage to the pile. Carpets should be vacuumed between once a week and once every 10 days – or more often if a lot of dirt is tracked inside. A great way to keep as much dirt outdoors as possible is to instill a ‘no shoes’ policy on parts of a home that experience heavy foot traffic.

Pet owners should ensure that they install soil and stain-resistant carpet to ensure that it stays looking good for as long as possible. In the event of pet-related soiling, the correct cleaning products should be used as soon as possible after the incident has occurred. The advice in this regard can be obtained from the company that has installed the carpeting.

Although many types of carpeting are advertised as stain and soil-resistant, this doesn’t mean they will never get dirty. They will simply be able to resist staining far better than other forms of carpeting. Proper care should still be exercised when spills occur.

Purchasing New Carpeting

When purchasing new carpets, too many people make the mistake of trying to shop around for the cheapest products possible. However, carpeting is a relatively long-term investment, which means that you should spend as much as you can comfortably afford. This will help ensure that you get the best value for money possible and that you are not stuck with a product that is difficult to keep clean and stain-free.

Your carpet salesperson may seem to ask a lot of questions while you are shopping, but this is simply to help determine which products will be best for your home. For example, if you have young children or pets, or even just a large family, they will recommend different carpeting instead of homes with fewer people and/or no pets.

While you are in the process of choosing carpets, it’s important to keep the rooms in mind where it is going to be installed. For example, will it be installed in a living room or a guest bedroom? Living rooms experience far higher foot traffic levels than guest bedrooms, so your choice of color and carpet quality will be important here. Light beige, pink or cream carpet will most likely work well in a guest bedroom, whereas a darker gray or blue may be a better option for a living room or den. Carpets with longer fibers such as shaggy varieties may also not be suitable for high traffic areas, as the tufts or pile may become flattened very quickly. However, these can look extremely smart and elegant informal dining rooms and other areas that don’t experience a high level of foot traffic or pet activity.

When shopping around for carpet products, you should ensure that your choice of retailer or supplier is based on reputation instead of pricing alone. While big-box stores may be able to offer lower prices, their level of after-sales service may not be that fantastic – this could be a problem in the event of a warranty claim needing to be lodged. In most cases, you will experience far better service when supporting a smaller carpeting business in your suburb or immediate area.