What Kind of Carpeting Is Best for a Family Home

Fifty-one percent of people in the United States use carpeting in their homes. Carpet is a cozy way to add design and comfort to your home, but it depends on what type of carpet you choose.

If you have a busy family home and want a carpet that won’t get ruined immediately, look no further than this carpet-buying guide. Keep reading to learn the best type of carpet for a family home. 


Polyester carpet fibers, also known as PET, are a great choice because they are stain- and fade-resistant naturally. It is also a very soft carpet, which is excellent for young children or babies. 

It is generally a carpet that provides high color clarity while still providing endurance. Polyester is a hydrophobic fiber that repels liquid, making it highly stain-resistant. So, if you want a durable yet beautiful carpet, choosing one with high-quality polyester could be a great idea. 


Nylon carpet fibers are durable and resilient and can “bounce back” from compaction. Most nylon carpeting is treated to be stain-resistant, so spills will not set in. 

Stainmaster provides a great-quality nylon carpet option that will do as its name suggests—master stains. It offers many different choices, from PetProtect to Active Family, which allows you to choose the coverage you need for your carpeting. 


Wool fiber carpet is a good option because it lasts when correctly cared for. It has long-lasting durability, natural robustness, and elasticity, which allows it to have a “bounce back” feature similar to nylon. Wool is a hot and comfortable fiber.

Wool is a natural fiber that contains natural oils that repel dirt and oil-based soiling. Also, since wool is considered an opaque fiber, dirt will be harder to see, making the carpet look naturally clean. Regular vacuuming is all a wool carpet will need for the most part, which is great for a busy family. 


Unlike wool, Triexta is a synthetic fiber made from polytrimethylene terephthalate, similar to polyester. It is also hydrophobic, so it will not absorb water and is naturally stain-resistant. 

It is easy to clean because it can be cleaned with just water, unlike nylon, which usually needs chemical treatments to be cleaned. However, it is known to be less durable than the above three mentioned, as it does not have that “bounce back” quality and can become run-down. 

Family Home Carpeting 

Fibers are the most crucial consideration when choosing carpeting for a family home. Polyester, nylon, wool, and Triexta are all fantastic fibers because of their stain-resistant qualities and durability. 

Consider how much you’ll use the rug and who will use it the most. The softness, thickness, texture, and color options will all be factors to consider when making your final purchase. Contact us today, and we can make all your carpet dreams happen!