Costco Carpet Review: Pros and Cons

Costco is one of the most recognizable brands and retailers in the world. They sell numerous things, but their carpets are trendy. With a broad range of choices, there’s potentially a carpet out there that’s perfect for you.

Are you thinking about buying a carpet from Costco? If you are, we’ve compiled a detailed review of their carpeting services and all the pros and cons we’ve discovered.


The Price

Perhaps the product’s price is the most significant positive aspect of Costco Carpeting. It’s well-known that Costco can offer far cheaper prices on many products than other retailers. Here, you get great value for money on all their carpets, making it a more affordable option.

Membership Rewards

To use Costco, you must become a member and have a valid membership card. This could be considered a con, but we’ll talk about that later. As a member, you get access to various membership rewards. When you buy a carpet from Costco, you can use your purchase towards different rewards. Plus, if you buy using a Costco Anywhere card, you also get the rewards for that credit card. This contributes to the rug being excellent value for money.

Clear Pricing & Costs

Another advantage of using this service is that you’re presented with transparent prices and costs at every step. A sales representative will provide quotes depending on the service you want and any extras you may be interested in. They often even give you different quotes based on your budget. If you wish for the standard installation service, you get a quote; if you want one with additional extras, you get one, too. This helps you know what you’re paying, and any hidden fees don’t hit you.

Great Variety

Finally, Costco offers a wide variety of carpet styles for you to choose from. Some stores have a rack full of samples for you to look at and a brochure that includes all the images of the carpets they sell. If the samples aren’t there for you to see, don’t worry. As part of the process, you call a number in the free brochure, and a representative comes to your home and shows you all the samples. This is great as you get a better feel for how things look than the rest of your house.


The Services Are Subcontracted

Costco doesn’t carry out its carpeting services themselves. Instead, they hire subcontractors to do it for them. This means the sales representative that comes to your home and the people installing the carpet aren’t actually from Costco. As such, this presents an issue if things go wrong with the carpet. You won’t be able to contact Costco directly, as they’ll say it’s the subcontractor’s problem, not theirs. Plus, while Costco is a reliable and established brand, who’s to say the subcontractors are too?

Only Available To Members

As mentioned, you must be a Costco member to use this service. So, if you’re looking for a new carpet and nothing else, you don’t want to pay for a membership that you won’t use much. It could be more accessible to find another retailer where you can walk in and start the carpet-buying process.

Hard To Compare Shop

Another negative point is that getting a good comparison on Costco carpets is tough. For one, they don’t appear on comparison websites, and matching their carpets with similar ones is challenging. The only way you can genuinely compare is to take samples from every other carpet retailer and match them up with corresponding ones. Therefore, knowing whether you’re getting a good deal is complex.

Costco Carpet Review: The Conclusion

There are plenty of pros and cons to using Costco to purchase new carpets. Naturally, you’re probably wondering if you should buy your new carpet from them or look elsewhere.

In truth, it mostly depends on whether or not you’re an existing Costco member. If you are, this service may be ideal for you as you can stroll in when you like, look at the samples, and reap the membership rewards afterward.

But, if you aren’t a member and have no desire to become one, it may suit your needs to go elsewhere and find a better deal.