That’s Gonna Leave a Mark: 5 Foods That Seriously Stain Carpets

It was only an accident!

The best feeling that follows a long day of work is when our shoes come off and our tired feet meet the soft carpet of home.

No matter how hard we may try to prevent carpet stains, they always manage to appear. If you are dead set on keeping your carpet clean, you can take the extreme approach our grandparents took and saran wrap your carpets. Much like they did their couches. 

Read on to find out how which five foods can seriously stain your carpets and leave a mark.

1. Coffee and Tea

Two hot, or cold, drinks that give us the energy to leave our homes and function as productive members of society.

Be it a cup of green tea or a black-eye, this life-giving liquid will at some point come in contact with your carpet. Set in coffee or tea stains can create a yellowish outline, that just won’t seem to go away.

2. Tomato Sauce

You just gotta love the sauce.

Tomato sauce makes its way into our stomachs as salsa, ketchup, and marinara sauce.

Common knowledge with tomato sauce stains is to keep heat away from them. Using hot water sets in the stain, making it difficult or even impossible to remove in the future.

3. Wine

Grapes were used as a dye in ancient times and are still used now as a natural alternative.

It’s no surprise to see winemaking it on a list of foods that will stain your carpet. This doesn’t mean you have to throw out that bottle of cabernet sauvignon or merlot you’ve been saving.

Just remember that if you were to get a drop or a bottle on the carpet you may want to treat it with salt and baking soda to contain the spread. Placing a towel on the spill should help absorbs any remaining liquid.

4. Chocolate

Eating chocolate can make you happy. Seriously.

I’m not advocating we build homes or chocolates made of chocolate, but it may make you happy. Food for thought.

Chocolate on the carpet should be treated like a tomato stain. Avoid treating it with hot water as this will cause the stain to set.

5. Grease Will Leave a Mark

It could be a solid or liquid, it will stain your carpet. 

Butter, pizza, or fries are all notorious for the amount of grease they produce. This stain will definitely leave its mark on your carpet. Eating healthy is fine and all, but even healthy food can have natural oils. So, don’t worry about stains. With the right tools and services, they won’t be there for long.

You may consider a LifeProof carpet if you find your carpet catching stains more often than it has in the past.

Pass the Plate

We can’t let life pass us by, nor should we avoid certain foods to prevent carpet stains. Our morning coffee, movie night with chocolate and wine, or pizza a great combination of tomato sauce and grease. What else would we have to look forward to?

Leave a mark in life, not on your carpet.

If you find yourself needing your carpet assessed for cleaning, contact us.