How to Sanitize and Disinfect Carpet (the Right Way)

Are you worried about what you’re bringing into your home or business? 

Our feet cover a lot of ground. When we come from the outside into a home or business and walk onto a carpet, we track in germs and other substances from the outdoors into the home. These become trapped in the carpet, dirtying your space and posing a potential health hazard.

Yet, many homes and businesses have carpets. So how do you disinfect carpet?

Below, we’ll go into the steps necessary to keep your floors clean. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Disinfect Carpet

There are several different methods to disinfect carpet.

If cleaning a carpet conjures images of paying for an expensive carpet shampoo, don’t worry. You can actually sanitize carpet in a variety of other ways, using more basic home ingredients. 

Let’s get into the different methods!

Vinegar and Steam

Did you know that you can perform carpet disinfection with vinegar and steam?

To do this, take two cups of distilled vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Then, add two more cups of water and shake the mixture together. Spritz the carpet with the concoction, making sure to adequately cover the whole area without drenching it.

Next, fill the fluid compartment of a steam cleaner with two-thirds water and one-third distilled white vinegar. Then, turn the steam cleaner on and run it over the carpet.

Steamless Vinegar Cleaning

Don’t have a steam cleaner?

No problem! You can also sanitize carpet without steam cleaner, cleaning your carpet with a vinegar mixture and baking soda, even though it might take a little more effort.

First, vacuum your carpet. This will remove all of the surface level dirtiness. Then, take baking soda and sprinkle it over your carpet. Let it stay there for about five minutes.

In the meantime, mix together water, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid in a bucket until it forms a foam. Then, take a scrub brush and dip it into the foam and scrub the carpet. 

After you’ve scrubbed the whole carpet, get a rag and wet with water. Then, pass it over the carpet, clearing away the foamy substance. 

Make Homemade Detergent

Did you know you can also use a homemade detergent to do your carpet disinfection?

Start by mixing together dish soap and baking soda until you see bubbles. Then, vacuum the carpet to get rid of the dirt, and then dump the baking soda and dish soap into the bucket of water. Use this mixture to scrub your carpet. Clean off the carpet with warm water. Then, let it dry.

Want Better Carpets?

Now that you know how to disinfect carpets, you can keep your spaces cleaner.

Disinfecting your carpets is important. By using vinegar with or without steam and making homemade detergent, you can keep your carpet clean without too much extra cost.

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