How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets

We all know that a clean home is a fresh home! Keeping your home clean is vital to keeping your family healthy.  With that being said, there is one item in your home that hides ugly surprises like dirt and grime. Yes, it’s your carpeting!

Carpets are a receptacle for a myriad of things.  These include dust mites, dust, bacteria, mold, and pet hair, amongst other things. For family members who suffer from allergies, this is a serious health hazard. 

You may, as we speak, be tracking dirt and grime into your home without realizing it. You must clean your carpets regularly. The question is, how often should you clean your carpets?

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

The guideline for proper carpet cleaning is to vacuum at least twice a week and then have your carpets professionally done once a year.

Nevertheless, this is not set in stone. Every household is different and has factors that will influence the frequency of carpet cleaning in your home. We look closer at the three main factors.

1. Do You Have Children?

It is a fact that children will mess on your floor or carpet. What with spillage of cooldrink, the dropping of food, and the all famous muddy footprints. They are children, after all!

If you fall into this category, take care to vacuum your carpet twice a week and wash your carpet every six to twelve months, depending on the degree of dirtiness. It is advisable, though, to get the carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year.

2. Do You Own Pets?

We all love our pets, but, like children, they are busy bees. For carpets with high traffic area for your pets, vacuum twice a week. For a deeper clean twice a year, hire an expert carpet cleaning company.

3. Do You Have High Foot Traffic Areas?

Those high foot traffic areas need to be vacuumed, as often as possible, but not less than twice a week. It is recommended that you get them professionally cleaned at least every 3 to 6 months to avoid long-lasting staining.

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet may look clean and fresh after a good vacuum. But, the dreary little beasts are hiding deep inside the carpet fibers.

You see, as time goes by, the carpet fibers collect all those nasty items. If you do not have a regular carpet cleaning schedule, you are bound to end up with a degraded and damaged carpet that you will need to replace

By having your carpet professionally cleaned, you prolong the carpet life, and your carpets will look good, smell clean, and stay fresh!

Keep the Dust and Grime Away

To make sure you live in a healthy and clean home, you must know the answer to, how often should you clean your carpet? Then you must maintain a regular carpet maintenance routine. Especially if you have family members that suffer from allergies.

Search for professionals to do a deep clean of your carpets. Depending on what your carpet is made of, you can choose to have dry cleaning or hot water clean. Deep cleaning will ensure no dust or grime in the fibers of the carpet and will kill any bacteria lurking therein. 

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