Carpet Colors 101: How to Pick the Best Color for Your Home

Do you want to make sure the rooms in your home look good?

Carpet colors add a lot to the atmosphere and overall appearance of your space. After all, it covers an expansive area of your room. Because of this, you should consider how different shades will add to your home. 

But how do you decide on the right hues?

Below, we’ll go into how to choose the right colors for your home. Keep reading below to learn more and get the carpet of your dreams today!

Selecting Carpet Colors

Have you ever gone to a carpet store or looked online and found your options overwhelming?

If so, you’re not alone. Many people have a difficult time deciding which exact shade a carpet they should feature on their floors. Even if they come in with an idea of what they want, they often leave with many different shades of that color, not knowing which to choose. 

So, how do you narrow down your choices? Let’s talk about some tips below.

Look at the Colors in Your Room

Are you carpeting rooms in your home that already have been decorated?

If so, take into consideration the colors you’ve used in those rooms. For instance, if your living room features cream colors and pastels, consider a cream or light gray carpet. You can also match your accent pieces, such as pairing red pillows with a scarlet carpet.

If needed, take pictures of your room so you know which colors you need to match when you go to the store.

Head to the Store

For additional inspiration, check out some of your options. Do you have an idea of what your color should be but need to pick the exact shade?

If so, head to a store or online shop and take a look at the samples available to you. Compare them to the pictures you took of the space you need carpeted and try to envision the way it would look in your room. 

Many carpet stores allow you to check their samples out and take them with you for comparison. That way, you can lay them in your space and see how they look with no commitment.

Choose Something Timeless

Just like many styles, carpet trends go in and out of popularity. 

As such, carpet color ideas that are popular today may not be considered good looking in 5 years. Because carpets often cost a lot, you don’t want yours to look bad in a few years.

To avoid this, select a timeless carpet hue. These usually consist of neutral tones, such as gray or light beige. 

Need a New Carpet?

Do you need a new carpet?

Carpet colors do a lot to enhance the appearance of a room. By selecting a carpet that matches the rest of your space, comparing carpet samples, and choosing something timeless, you’ll find a carpet that you’ll be sure to love for years to come.

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