Phenix Carpet Review

Many homeowners put off shopping for carpeting until they can no longer afford it because they feel it will be too expensive. However, when chosen wisely, a decent-quality carpet will last many years, making it an excellent investment. Phenix Carpet’s range is extensive and relatively affordable, making it one of the better choices when purchasing this floor covering.

Several Options Available

Gone are the days when property owners have maybe four or five carpet colors or styles to choose from. The Phenix range is one of the largest available, with hundreds of colors, styles, and patterns to choose from within each range. This enables virtually every homeowner to find suitable options for any room in the house.

Whether a room will experience extensive foot traffic or only be used occasionally, there are many carpeting options to accommodate this.

Pet-Friendly Carpets Available

Most pet owners think they will not be able to have carpets installed because of the potential damage that could occur to them as a result of scratching or soiling accidents. However, this should not be a significant concern because a few pet-friendly carpeting options are available in the Phenix range.

Choosing the Right Phenix Carpet

It can be tempting to base a carpeting choice on price alone. However, this is not recommended, as it could result in a property owner not obtaining the best possible product. Instead, it is a good idea to plan by setting aside a realistic amount of money before making any choices. This will enable an excellent product to be obtained at a fair price.

Another aspect to consider is the amount of foot traffic experienced in the area where carpeting will be installed. Rooms that will see regular use will benefit from patterned carpets that are darker colored and more tightly woven. In contrast, rooms for occasional use can have plusher carpeting installed in lighter colors if desired. Although plush carpeting feels soft and comfortable underfoot, it will quickly show footmarks when walked on regularly. Carpeting installed on stairways should also be highly durable and made of a shorter pile.

Getting the Best Price

Installing carpeting in a home can be costly. However, there may be ways to offset part of the expense in some cases. Carpet suppliers may sometimes have promotional offers that enable homeowners to save as much as 50% on specific styles or colors of carpeting.

Homeowners willing to install end-of-range carpet colors or styles could also save a lot of money because these are often heavily discounted. However, retaining a small amount of additional carpeting is essential if damage occurs over time – this can be used for repairs.


Before setting your heart on specific carpeting, it’s essential to discover its warranty and what exclusions will apply. Carpets that are costlier or classified as top-of-the-range will often be covered for longer than those considered budget products, so it is essential to choose wisely. Sometimes, proof of purchase may be necessary to ensure your warranty remains valid.

After installing Phenix Carpet, it is recommended that you follow all instructions regarding care and maintenance. This will help ensure that your warranty remains valid and enable your new carpeting to look as good as new for many years.